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Rosa Luxemburg

Frolich, Paul
Publisher:  Monthly Review Press
Year Published:  1972   First Published:  1939
Pages:  329pp   ISBN:  85345-260-1
Dewey:  335.43
Resource Type:  Book

A biography of Rosa Luxemburg written by a German revolutionary who worked with Luxemburg in the Spartacist organization.


Table of Contents

Translator's Note
Introduction to the English edition by Tony Cliff
Preface to the second German edition

1 Youth
2 The fate of Poland
3 In defense of Marxism
4 The conquest of political power
5 The Russian Revolution of 1905
6 In the line of fire
7 A new weapon
8 Concerning the end of capitalism
9 The struggle against imperialism
10 Like a candle burning at both ends
11 War
12 Russia 1917
13 The German revolution
14 The road to death

Postscript by Iring Fetscher


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